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Workbooks and Journals

doing you well

Journals and Workbooks

   michell pulliam - Women's Mindset Coach

For your convenience, all my journals and workbooks are interactive and come in PDF form with fillable fields. You can write in/edit them right on your computer or other digital device and reuse them, or you're free to print them out and fill them in manually. Coming soon to this series: a prayer journal, business/entrepreneur planner, and vision workbook.

*If you're interested in going more in depth beyond the workbook or journal, I invite you to check out more details here, where you can find out more about my Cultured Life programs and packages.*

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Doing You Well

Personal Success Workbook

A 25 page in-depth workbook, covering the areas of career, relationships, personal life, health, finances and more. Addressing key questions for you to answer, to ensure you're on the right path to your success! Simple to use and allows you to easily track your progress.


Doing You Well

DYW-Gratitude Journal.jpg

Gratitude Journal

Stuck in  a slump? Finding it hard to get a breakthrough? It very well could be your lack of appreciation. This simple and easy to use Gratitude Journal, can get you back on track. 

Proven benefits of gratitude:

  • Enhances your overall health

  • Increases self-esteem

  • Helps you gain clarity on what's important to you.

  • Strengthens your spiritual walk and more

Even if you're not a seasoned journaler, you'll still love these thought provoking journal prompts. Filled with 90 days of self-reflecting gratitude prompts, that will get your creative juices flowing all while raising your level of appreciation for the life you have. Easy to use - just download and digitally fill in your answers. 

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