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The Doing You Well Signature System™

"Your most magnificent self is already within you! I help you uncover it, fine-tune it . . . so you can show it off to the world. I show you the possibilities, YOU make them happen!"

Let's be honest, over the course of a lifetime (as a woman) there are some transitions in life we go through - whether it's getting married or getting divorced, graduating from college or becoming an empty-nester, making a career change or leaving your 9-5 for your entrepreneurial dreams, starting a family or becoming a widow, etc., etc...the list goes on and on.  And yes, changes can be scary. But, we all must make them at some point in our lives. The question becomes, do you know what steps to take next? I'll ask you...would you rather remain stuck, or would you rather I support, assist, and guide you through taking the next steps to walk in your God-given purpose and potential to live life without limits?


I work with women and support them in setting doable and achievable goals, based on her desires. This makes her goals inspiring, fun, and (most importantly) attainable. She gets very clear on exactly what she wants (and doesn't want), what steps to take to get it, and the skills and support needed to maintain it. After she's done the work (together) we create a personalized life plan (packed with valuable tools) she can recycle and use over and over again to ensure her future is a success! In order to flourish, we must forever evolve and I'm a believer that every chapter of our lives unfolds our purpose and leads us to our destiny. But, if we remain frozen by fear, we'll never get to experience it.


I've assisted hundreds of women in an over 24-year span of ministry work. During those years, I've come across so many women who have had to make a change (by choice or by chance) and discovered the #1 issue for most of them is - their feeling of insignificance - thinking they have little or nothing to offer and their voice doesn't matter, or worse, not knowing their purpose and true value - whether in their personal or professional lives. And when their lives take a turn, those feelings of inadequacies show up and paralyze them. Being in full-time ministry, I know first hand about making life changes and guiding other women through their transitions in life. And when you don't know how to properly make that shift, it can overwhelm you or worse, bring your life to a standstill. This not only robs us, but it robs those placed in our lives whom we're called to make a great impact on.


I've taken those years of experience, studies I've done, course I've taken, grace from God, help from the Holy Spirit, and intense work on myself, and am blessed to have developed a fool-proof system, The Doing You Well Signature System™... for women just like you. Through my strategic 1:1 mindset coaching, my clients go from doubting they could ever have a successful and fulfilling life, to envisioning that life, to actually living that life. And the best part... it doesn't matter if you're 25 or 55, you're never too young or too old to reinvent your life (I'm living proof)!

The Doing You Well Signature System
Are You . . .
  • Ready to take on your next chapter with clarity and confidence?

  • Longing to discover your worth and value so you can start maximizing your life?

  • Tired of spending your hard-earned money on copycat programs that don't work?


My Doing You Well Programs & Packages are for you!

 All done online or via phone. Or if you're in the area, we can meet face-to-face. From an hour breakthrough session, a half or full-day intensive, 1:1 monthly coaching, or my online courses and products. Programs for personal growth in every area of your life. Faith-based and designed to fit your specific needs - using biblical and practical teaching - concentrating on helping you with . . .

- maximizing your personal and professional life

- building better relationships 

- kick-starting your entrepreneurial dreams

- designing your life

- shifting your mindset and more!

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