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'Mindset Makeover' Program

As of February 1, 2018 this program is no longer available, and has been incorporated into the  Mindset Makeover Mini-Courses, the Mini-Life Makeover and One Day Intensive.

What Is It?

My Mindset Makeover Program is a seven week intense program created to improve the quality of your personal and professional life by changing your perspective on how you see yourself.


  • Know you should be farther in life, but not quite sure how to get there?

  • Afraid to ask for what you’re worth because you lack assertiveness?

  • Frustrated because you keep sabotaging your life by selling yourself short?

  • Learn to confront your insecurities, to get on the path to your transformation!

  • Discover your worth and the life you were created to live, and fall madly in love with it!


My program is designed to give you the keys you need to make a major mindset shift (so you can empower yourself and take ownership of your life) in order to get everything out of it . . . you, desire, deserve, and have earned!

What You'll Uncover 

What We Need and Deserve, and Why Getting It Is The Difference Between Merely Surviving and Thriving

Why Your Attitude IS Everything, and It Has Everything to Do With Your Mental Outlook

The Confidence Factor and Why It's Sometimes Good to Make It About You


Why It's Important to Give Yourself Permission to Use Your Outside Voice

The Importance of Being Your Own Cheerleader and Best Friend and How This One Character Trait Will Empower You

How to Uncover Your Purpose (Surprisingly, It's Not What You Think) 


The Importance of Seeing Yourself Finished, Before You Even Begin

My five week Signature Personal/Professional Development Course


Seven weeks of intense work with me

1:1 customized weekly (telephone or Skype video) clarity sessions with me

Pre-work/homework, assessments/quizzes, exercises/worksheets, checklists/cheat sheets 

Unlimited access to me via email for any ongoing questions (duration of program)

Program Includes:

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